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            1502091741543755292.jpgHigh price

            Rong Europe fast rail transport time is 12-14 days, is the traditional sea rail transit time of 1/3, the speed of transport efficiency not only help companies quickly seize the market, and can effectively reduce inventory and cash flow in transit. Compared with air, although the time is about 5 days longer than the air, but the cost is only about $1/4 of air freight.

            Regular classes

            Rong Europe fast iron since April 26, 2013 opening line, every Friday regularly stable running, at least a week. In Alashankou and dosluk border facelift indoor places, to ensure that transshipment operation is not affected by the weather, Rong European fast train winter outage.

            Quick clearance

            Rong European fast train full use of EDI transmission, along the national customs EDI system to submit the data in transit, not stay transit, take the "customs clearance mode of a declaration, one inspection and one release.".

            Good service

            (1) the Rong European fast train as a public service platform using open operation mode, can provide end-to-end supply chain logistics from the bulk to the entire cabinet comprehensive solution for the general agent and the consignor; also can provide the service menu, the customer choose the required service content.

            (2) IT information management system: the IT information management system, which is developed by "Rong Ou Ou fast railway", can connect the client carrier customs consignee at the same time, and achieve the goal of real-time, visualization and standardization of modern logistics service.

            (3) the Rong European fast train European transport center in Poland bonded warehouse at the same time with the EU and Russia and the CIS bonded preferential convenience, respectively for the EU and Russia and CIS to provide tax and tax convenience postponed 160 days.