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            The customs vigorously strengthened the supervision of import and export of dangerous goods, and successively seized several violations of export lithium batteries


            Zhang Jiazhen, director of Huangpu Customs Inspection Office, said: "Safe production is no trivial matter. Huangpu Customs conscientiously implements the overall national security concept, focuses on tax risks and inspection and quarantine security access risks, attaches great importance to the safety of imported and exported batteries and other dangerous goods, and strengthens risks. Analyze and judge, vigorously organize and carry out industrial inspections of dangerous goods, dangerous chemicals, etc., standardize the import and export order, and build a defense line for follow-up supervision of national security."

            The customs reminds that dangerous goods are those with dangerous characteristics such as explosion, flammability, poisoning, infection, corrosion, radioactivity, etc., which are likely to cause personal casualties, property damage or environmental pollution during transportation, storage, production, operation, use and disposal. Substances and articles for special protection.

            According to the relevant provisions of the "Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law of the People's Republic of China" and its implementing regulations, enterprises producing dangerous goods for export must apply to the customs for the use of packaging containers, and enterprises producing packaging containers for exporting dangerous goods must apply to the customs for performance appraisal. All import and export battery enterprises should declare truthfully in accordance with laws and regulations when conducting import and export business activities, and operate in accordance with the law.