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            Company profile Corporate culture organization Qualification honor

            In October 2009, the company's brand "Zhongbai" was established at No. 43 Courtyard along Xiaojiahe Street in Chengdu

            Moved to Youdi District A, No. 7 Jialing Road, Hongpailou Business District, Chengdu in March 2010

            In October 2011, participated in the logistics project cooperation at the closing ceremony of the 12th Western International Exhibition.

            In October 2011, I received interviews and reports from media such as Chengdu Business Daily on the logistics aspect of the Western China International Expo.

            Moved to Hongpailou Square, No. 7 Jialing Road, Central District of Chengdu Hongpailou Business District in August 2013

            In October 2013, the trademark rights were officially registered and outdoor physical advertising brand promotion and promotion began

            Relocated to New Hope Shangding International at No. 27, Section 4, Renmin South Road, Chengdu in April 2019

            In March 2020, actively participate in the import and export of global COVID-19 epidemic prevention materials for COVID-19

            The business volume of international air freight in December 2021 increased by 22.64% year-on-year; The operating revenue increased year-on-year.